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Some New Adventures in the Works

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While we have some wonderful adventures planned, there are even more we are considering adding to our itinerary options.

Your Choice of Two Summits

Both awesome summit trails are across Kachemak Bay. Grace Ridge Trail with 3,145ft elevation gain or Sadie Knob Trail with 2,100ft elevation gain.

Visit Seldovia and Halibut Cove

The tight-knit communities of Seldovia and Halibut Cove are a little eccentric and veer toward the artistic. Both are cozy and offer an interesting taste of Alaskan coastal town culture.

Hike Boat and Bike Portage Valley

There you will view Explorer, Middle, Byron and Portage glaciers. You will view Portage Glacier from aboard the Ptarmigan ferry, Byron is a short hike, and Explorer and Middle Glaciers are along the bike trail. If the season is right, there is also a great salmon spawning viewing deck along the bike trail.