Fat bike on beach in front of Iliamna Volcano

Adventure at Whiskey Gulch

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Fat bike on beach in front of Iliamna Volcano
We loaded up our fat bikes and drove them out to Whiskey Gulch at Anchor Point. The beach at Whiskey Gulch boasts views of both Iliamna and Redoubt volcanos and it was the perfect blue sky day!

Jason fat biking beach

On Friday we went and enjoyed our Whiskey Gulch Fat Bike adventure and I’m still smiling today because of it!

The beach was good for riding and the views of the volcanoes Iliamna & Redoubt commanded attention. Both 10,000 footers were steaming.

I was thinking about the rejuvenation and healing couples can receive when having such a day together. The enormity of your surroundings can open your minds and soften your hearts toward one another. We provide the fat bikes (and a beachside counseling session if you wish) and you enjoy the ride…

Jason Shannon and Eliana at beach

Shannon and Eliana walking beach

Daddy and Eliana walking beach