Childs hand cradling duckling

Seeing God’s Hand Move

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Childs hand cradling duckling
Jason and I have begun to see God’s Hand move. We are facing this realization with excitement and awe. While it is not something organized or planned, it is nonetheless monumental. It is a quiet, slow work of God.

A Movement for Families

A movement began to make itself apparent as we started advertising our business. A movement to help marriages and families in this dark world, especially for families of those who are called to be the light and their shepherds. A movement to take care of our shepherds and missionaries who take care of us. They give their all and it can never be repaid: the lost family time, the hours upon hours of caring, praying, visiting, discipling, and grieving with their flock.

There is a role for everyone in the Body of Christ. Some are the feet and go abroad to share, some are the heart and love their neighbors, others are the hands and live to serve. Even though giving is a joy, it is also often taxing. No one can give back what is lost in the giving; which is what makes it so precious.

Child painting wall

Child circling every day on a calendar
When I told Eliana we only mark special days on the calendar, she marked them all, saying, “Every day is special!”

Jason and Eliana working on light fixture

Working Together

We are seeing a group within the church rise up who can minister to the Body’s members; especially the shepherds. This movement appears slow and unorganized, but powerful and beautiful; which makes us believe it is a God thing. Now that we have begun to see God’s Hand in this larger picture (we already knew God’s Hand was in our little venture), we feel it is important to begin to work on interconnectedness to make sure anyone who needs this kind of service has access. We must work together with other members to meet the need God has shown us is important to Him.

We are beginning to see it is not random, but something God began before we knew to look. We are only just now seeing the pattern because He now has us in place to begin service. Please pray for us and for those who come to us – we want to share in the Spirit here!

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