Grand Opening Special

Grand Opening Promotion!

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Cabin front three quarter view

AWA Tiny Home/Cabin is OPEN!

After a lot of work and a lot of prayer, the cabin is ready and we at Alaskan Wellness Adventures have officially opened our doors! As a grand opening promotion, we are offering rental of the shiny, brand new cabin for only $195 per night through the end of June.* YES! That includes Memorial Day Weekend!

*Promotional pricing is available for cabin rental only – no adventures or counseling is included.

Finishing the cabin was a real stretch of our abilities. We had never taken over a project at this early stage before. Most weeks we spent upwards of 40 hours working together in the cabin: Jason, Shannon, Eliana and Tivoli. The work was challenging and the learning curve was steep, but as a team we rallied every day and always felt blessed by the lessons, time spent together, and the joy of knowing we were working toward God’s will in our lives.

Inside cabin with no drywall
We had started wainscoting, but early in the project
Cabin main room after finish work done
After we finished floors, ceiling, walls, and electrical outlets/fixtures
Eliana with crown in unfinished cabin
Princess Eliana supervising wainscoting project

Though it has been a lot of labor, it has been a labor of love! Eliana, Jason and I have put our hearts into AWA’s little cabin and are eager to meet our guests. It has been a joy moving to Homer. Our hearts are full to overflowing every time we look out the window and see where we are. God brought us here and has blessed us tremendously. Now, it is time to share the joy!

Accessing Grand Opening Prices

To access the Grand Opening pricing, please visit one of the following sites:

If you would like a full service retreat, complete with adventures and counseling, please visit our Reservations page.

Starting July first, we will begin the full-fledged “Lodging – Adventures – Counseling” version of Alaskan Wellness Adventures. Once the Grand Opening Promotion is done, we will revert to our regular pricing schedule of $350 per person.

Jason and Eliana working on light fixture
Jason and Eliana working on light fixture
Eliana painting exterior blue
Eliana is a whiz at painting… We are thinking of hiring her out