Homer spit with mountain backdrop

It Has Been a Momentous Year, Month and Week!

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A Momentous Year!

Homer spit with mountain backdrop

Earlier this year, we were faced with a momentous decision. Security or faith? We had the opportunity to leave Anchorage and move toward our dream of Alaskan Wellness Adventures – but a year early. Were we ready? We prayed, prayed some more, and then decided to sell our house in Arizona (purchased for a song during the housing “crisis” years ago). We also prepped our Anchorage home for sale and sold it. With cash in hand, we came to Homer, Alaska, our dream location.

Homer is a small, seaside community known as “The End of the Road” in Alaska. Technically, we live in Kachemak City within Homer – yes, a city within the city. I can’t pretend to understand the complexities of Homer politics and zoning, but there we are. While not the southernmost Alaskan point, it IS the end of the Alaskan road. If you want to get to Juneau, Kodiak or other points south… you won’t get there by road.

Ground breaking on AWA cabin

A Momentous Month!

This month we signed with Weisser Homes Custom Builders to build the cabin our visiting adventurers will be occupying. It will be modest, but fully outfitted for comfort. A kitchenette, plumbing and even a washer/dryer. We checked out many options for our cabin, but after a lot of prayer and homework, we believe Weisser Homes is the way to go.

A Momentous Week!

This week the plumbing was dug in and the metal pilings driven deep into the ground. Breaking ground does not do justice to the amount of dirt that was moved, but the phrase is as close as I can come. Weisser will begin framing our customers’ cabin early next week. Luckily for our guests, the cabin will sit even higher than our house, affording an even more amazing view.

View from AWA property of Kachemak Bay

Discount Year in Alaska

We were shooting for 2019, but the Lord has blessed us with the option to open our doors early. It looks like we will be accepting reservations for summer 2018! We have been visiting Homer for years and are excited to start our first year as Alaskan Wellness Adventures with a discount year for family and friends while we gain a more in-depth knowledge of the terrain, the people and craft the best of the best adventures Kachemak Bay has to offer!

Get ready to come join us. We look forward to sharing our awesome piece of Alaska and meandering the sunny trail of wellness with you!