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Think You Know What a Retreat Looks Like?

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Lady at beach looking awayAn Individual, Family or Couple’s retreat may seem like a pretty obvious scenario, but AWA’s tetrahedron peg does not fit that simple square hole.

What about the man who just lost a dear friend in a work accident? Grief is hard. It is a journey through a dark valley. Getting out in God’s creation, talking and feeling it through can help. How do we work through the path of grief? AWA is here for you.

Woman hiking up hillDivorce is not God’s plan, but sometimes, no matter how much one tries, the barriers cannot be overcome. We hope to always receive guests prior to this phase, but we welcome everyone at every stage of life. Divorce is hard. Half your heart is gone; most likely, after a lot of struggle. Who is available to listen – really listen? AWA is here for you.

A child with issues can make the whole family suffer. Dealing with difficult children or children exposed to trauma is hard. How can you protect the other family members and still reach out to your wayward one? AWA is here for you.

A brother with an addiction inflicts such pain and often has no concept of the hurt and wreckage he is leaving behind. Addictions are hard, for both the addicted and anyone close to them. How do we set healthy boundaries that protect everyone? AWA is here for you.

How do we cope? Take a vacation for a brief respite, only to return to find the same problems and the situation no better than when you left.

What is a better option to cope? Take a vacation that will better equip you with coping skills, a plan and goals. Go on a personalized, professional counseling retreat, and go fishing, too!

Imagine the joy, release and relaxation of a vacation: a bike ride and picnic on the beach; waking up to hot tea or coffee and an amazing bay view from your deck; a stroll through a quaint, seaside town; fishing with eagles soaring overhead. Now, imagine these wonderful experiences with a personal, productive session discussing your goals, thoughts and working toward peace and harmony that you can bring home. A session on the beach, a session around the fire, a session on your deck – how, when and where you would like your sessions is tailored to each guest. AWA is here for you.