Sunset over Kachemak Bay and China Poot Mountain

Golden Sunrise in Homer Alaska

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Sunset over Kachemak Bay and China Poot MountainYou could take this picture from the end of the Homer spit every morning and the sky would give it different character each time, but each time the result would be beautiful. It is this incredible beauty that draws us to live in Homer and open a business to help others experience the joy that comes from adventures in the great outdoors.

We offer several adventures in and around our home-base of Homer, and several in other wonderful places. Local activities include:

  • Boating and fishing in the bay
  • Hiking four different mountain trails
  • Beachcombing for miles
  • Spotting for Eagles
  • Feasting at restaurants
  • Shopping for souvenirs

You will be pleasantly surprised how many possibilities there are along your Alaskan journey that will make your days full and interesting–alive with unique experiences.