Jason on an avalanche

Flexibility in Your Alaskan Wellness Adventure

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Randy gold panningOne of the great things you get with us is flexibility in your Alaskan adventures. There are some moments that cannot be predicted, and there are others that may pop up according to your predilections or scheduled Alaskan events. For example, you may find yourself bicycling past the base of a grand avalanche and want to stop for a picnic lunch to soak in the moment. You may be scheduled for a Seward Variety day and find yourself just in time for the Seward Silver Salmon Derby with a prize winning fish. You may be riding to the next stop on your itinerary, stop at a pullout along the road and see a train of the Alaska Railroad cruise by with Mt. Alpenglow in the background. There may also be a chance for some gold panning along the way in a beautiful wilderness setting.

Alaska railroad on Turnagain ArmThese are just a few examples of the many possibilities. You may want to squeeze in as many sites as possible in a day, or spend most of your time soaking in one stunning sight and sketching it in your journal. If one of your reasons for joining us is the counseling we offer, you may wish to do that on our boat, on a mountain top, or at the base of a glacier while you picnic. At Alaskan Wellness Adventures, we serve only one couple or one family at a time, so we can individualize your adventure in a way that will bring about the most joy for you and your family.